"Jester" is the villain song sung by the Jester (voiced by Martin Short) in Legends of Oz: Dorothy Returns.


I would rejoice
At the top of my voice

I'd be a true warlock
But I had no choice

My sister was frightful
And spitefully made me a clown

I found my one pleasure
That beautiful treasure
So far beyond measure to me
And my only reason to be

Is to touch it
And hold it
And feel
It's power so sweet and so real

I shall possess
My one happiness

The power I covet
And who wouldn't love it
Would you

Now would you dare try me
And would you deny me what's mine

Well, now that's a punch line

On with the show
For I'm on a roll
And now I'm the star
The stage I control

I guess you'd have guessed
A jester must jest

When I laugh alone
It is I who laughs best

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