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The Balloons are The Joker's weapons that releases his gas to the victims.

In other medias

Batgirl: A Matter of Family Incident

Multiple patches of Balloons were string around Seagate Amusement Park. Destroying them all, along with Chattering Teeth and Harley Quinn's Jack-In-A-Boxes were required for a achievement/trophy.

Arkham City Incident

Small groups of Joker balloons were scattered around Arkham City. They were part of Riddler's Challenges and encompassed bits of the Industrial District and Amusement Mile.

Batman (1989 Film)

Joker's giant balloons were used by the Joker to gas crowds of Gothamites with Smylex Gas during the planned attack on Gotham City's 200th anniversary's parade. While a few citizens perished in the fumes, Batman prevented further casualties by dragging away the balloons in the Batwing and releasing them into the sky, much to the Joker's outrage.


  • The balloons could be popped with the Batarang, Remote Electrical Charge Gun, Freeze Blast or just by passing over them while gliding.
  • Balloons also appeared on Knight, but were purely decoration. They could be popped just like Joker's balloons.

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