The Joker's Cane

The Joker's Cane

The Joker's Cane is a unique cane-sword sometimes utilized by the Joker himself, either as a decoration or as an actual weapon as the Clown Prince of Crime sees fit. It is one of the many objects featured in the DC Comics and media.

Due to its design it can be used as a blunt or stabbing instrument depending on Joker's mood and true to his twisted sense of egomania many versions of the cane prominently display a stylized metallic, gold head of the Joker, in some variants the Joker head is replaced with a jester.

Appearances in other media

The Joker uses a sword-cane in a fight with Robin (Tim Drake) in Robin II: Joker's Wild.

In Batman: The Killing Joke, he wields a cane throughout the first half.

In one panel of a 1966 Kellog's special "Joker's Happy Victims",tThe Joker smashes the window of a stamp shop with a short cane.

The Joker used a cane in one scene in the 1989 live-action Tim Burton movie Batman.

In the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the Joker has a cane in one brief scene.


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