The Junk City

The Junk City

The Junk City, also called the "Junk Yard" and the "Land of Junk", is a vast junk yard-like land found in the Labyrinth, just outside the gates of the Goblin City, and it is one of the locations featured in the 1986 dark fantasy film Labyrinth.

This so-called "city" is inhabited by a number of Junk People, a race of Goblins who endlessly sift through the various items and pile select pieces on their backs. Sarah Williams awakens in the Land of Junk after escaping the ballroom fantasy induced by the Goblin King's poison fruit.

The most notable of the inhabitants is the Junk Lady, who tries to trick Sarah into forgetting what she had been searching for prior to succumbing to the effects of the fruit.

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