Well, once I got to the castle grounds I saw a sign which said Keep right off our land!, so I ran off!
~ Bazaar Bear in Donkey Kong Country 3

The Kastle KAOS is a large and looming fortress-like castle that sits atop a hill overlooking KAOS Kore's lake and waterfalls and it is the lair of the mad Baron K. Roolenstein (King K. Rool in disguise) and the namesake home of the evil robot KAOS. It is one of the many locations in the Donkey Kong universe.

The structure itself is large and imposing in size, being brown in color and having multiple towers with black conical rooftops; an ominous, pink glow is constantly emitted from the Kastle KAOS' highest tower. The castle, when viewed from afar, is a towering, dark, ominous castle with a mysterious purple glow on the top floor visible from outside. Inside, is revealed to have a small laboratory, with a large amount of machinery and devices scattered all over the area, beakers, books, and control panels in front of a large window. There are also chains in the ceiling Notably, the room has 2 electricity lamps on each side to create electric shots used for harming purposes; anyone, including K. Rool himself, caught in the shock will be injured badly. A small chamber in the laboratory covered by a red curtain is also found in Kastle KAOS, behind this curtain is a large control panel, meant to operate KAOS.

Baron K. Roolenstein

Baron K. Roolenstein

This castle was used for K. Rool in his scientist days after he loses his kingdom on the Crocodile Isle and set up a laboratory for create KAOS for revenge against the Kong Family and restore the Kremling Krew to their former glory.

The castle was now abandoned and inactive after both Dixie Kong and her cousin Kiddy battled KAOS and rescued both Donkey Kong and Diddy.



  • The Kastle KAOS might be a parody or a loose reference to the Frankenstein Castle (sometimes called the Castle Frankenstein no n the movie Van Helsing) from the classic horror novel Frankenstein, since Baron K. RoolensteinLn is based on the titular mad genius Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
  • It is sometimes called "The Kastle", a trait and nickname shared by King Bowser's Castle from the Super Mario Bros. universe.
  • After beating KAOS again, he is never fought again on subsequent tries—the game will always skip to Baron Roolenstein's part when the Kastle Kaos stage is tried again.
  • It is sometimes capitalized "Kastle Kaos" in the Game oy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble.

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