Khyber's Ship

Khyber's Ship

Khyber's ship is the spaceship used by Khyber.

It is where Khyber kept his various trophies he hunted over the years and his equipment. It is also Khyber's living quarters.

Khyber's ship was destroyed in Of Predators And Prey: Part 2. The ship was rebuilt before The Ultimate Heist but with different shape before reverting to its previous design later in the episode.


It is shaped like a bug head; similar to a mosquito. When rebuilt, it lost the spikes on the side and gained two claw like extensions at the front and leg like extensions at the rear. However, all design changes that was made was reverted and the ship returned to its original design.


  • Control Room
  • Trophy Room

Known Trophies

These trophies came from various species he has hunted down, both sapient and non-sapient.

  • A Geochelone Aerio shell
  • An Appoplexian skeleton with a shattered skull
  • A Vulpimancer pelt
  • A Talpaedan arm
  • A Crabdozer head
  • A Chronosapien chest plate
  • A Vaxasaurian skull with a helmet
  • A large sword
  • A metal hook that appears to be part of an arm
  • A large skull
  • A shield

Notable Inhabitants

  • Khyber
  • Zed (formerly)

Notable Visitors

  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Albedo


  • It appears that some of the trophies are references to Transformers Animated, another show Derrick J. Wyatt worked on. The sword mounted on the wall bears resemblance to Grimlock's sword. And the hook on one of the shelves looks similar to that of Lockdown's.

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