King Pete's Palace was a royal palace that was the head office of dictator King Pete and his mercenaries located atop a high hill in the his island during the events of the 1992 Disney videogame Magical Quest 3 (also known as Disney's Magical Quest 3, The Magical Quest 3, and Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald).

The palace is shaped like a headdress all cyan and purple wine roofs. The interior design begins with beige hall with purple & wine walls, red curtains, balconies, Baron Pete statues and golden candelabrums; gray chamber with gray purple walls, balconies with red curtains and marble pillars with golden chandeliers; purple corridors with mist, Baron Pete's portraits, spears and living plataforms; rooms where Armored Wolf & Peg-Hook live, witchcraft lab where Witch Wolf and King Pete's golden throne room with purple curtains.

This palace was discovered by Mickey and Donald by pair when the same explore all island. With the Ice Beast's defeat, the palace is invaded by pair where defeat King Pete and his servants for free the Donald's nephews and Storyland.



  • Unlike the 2 games of Magical Quest, the player will back in start from stage if lost all lives.

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