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The Kingdom Hospital

The Kingdom Hospital

Kingdom Hospital, sometimes known as "Kingdom", is the titular haunted location in the 2004 thirteen-episode horror TV series/mini-series based on Lars von Trier's The Kingdom (in Danish title: Riget), which was developed by legendary horror writer Stephen King in 2004 for American television. This fictitious hospital is located within Lewiston, Maine, was built on the site of a mill that manufactured military uniforms during the American Civil War with the use of child labor. Previously, a hospital known as the "Old Kingdom" had been built on the same locale, but later burned down and there have been unfortunate causalities there just as there have been before with the old mill. The current hospital is currently known as the "New Kingdom". The "turbulent" nature of this hospital seems to reflect its ominous logo, a crimson stylized dagger, predicting what will come in this place of healing and hope, and death.