The Klown Vaccuum Cleaner

The Klown Vaccuum Cleaner

The Klown Vaccuum Cleaner (also known as the "Cotton Candy Cocoon, Balloon-Holding Vacuum Cleaner") is a machine designed by the Killer Klowns to suck in Cotton Candy Cocoons and contain giant balloons in the 1988 sci-fi/horror comedy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

It resembles a cross between a parade float and a vacuum cleaner, and is blue with yellow spots on the main body, with a hose leading to a yellow with blue spotted vacuum scoop, into which the victims were placed.

It was presumably used in order to save time by taking all the cocoons at once, rather than than carry them one by one to the Big Top. It was used by the Parade Klowns. The other Klowns were seen inside houses throwing cocoons out the windows. A Klown, named Joe, was carrying a cotton candy gun as surveillance in case any humans were still around. There was one adult human hiding under a car, when he foolishly made a run for it the man was blasted into a cotton candy cocoon by Joe.