Koopa Airships, also known as Airships, are a series of flying machines used by King Bowser Koopa, his Koopalings, and the Koopa Troop to invade other kingdoms and they serves as the Koopa Kingdom's main air force. They are featured in the Super Mario Bros. universe.


As the name implies, each is the common wooden ship sustained by propellers to fly armed with cannons and flamethrowers against stowaways. In Super Mario future games, other Airships is constructed in different modes.

Firstly the airships are used by the Koopalings and their brother Bowser Jr. to invades other lands and kidnap Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Within the Koopa Kingdom which is also known as the Dark Land in Super Mario Bros. 3, an Airship together with Tanks and Battleships was manned by Koopa Troop soldiers to protect the evil Koopa king's Castle.

One of Bowser's airships crash-landed in Soda Lake, became known as the "Sunken Ghost Ship" as it is now haunted with Boos and filled with water. Complete exploration of this sunken Airship is the unlock to unlock the entrance to the Valley of Bowser. There are a few Bill Blasters within that ruined airship are but functional.

An armada of Koopa Airships including two emerging out of wormholes, made a minor appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

There exists 2 main Airships designed with bows resembling the namesake likeness of the royal Koopa family, Bowser Airship for Bowser himself and Koopaling Airships for his Koopa Kids.





  • Doom Ship is the cartoon version of the Koopa Airships.