The Koopa Tanks, also known as Tanks are a fleet of land vehicles that are designed as military weapons for the armies of the Koopa Kingdom to use against their enemies.

Each of these large tanks are segmented with what appears to be wood logs (same texture as the Koopa Airships and Koopa Battleships). They are heavily equipped with many artillery, such as cannons, Burner jet engines, and Bob-omb launchers. The tanks are occupied, operated and commanded by the Koopa Troops including Rocky Wenches, Boomerang Bros, and Boom-Boom. Additionally, Koopa Airships were seen aiding the latter company, possibly implying that airships and tanks sometimes work together in the same formation.



  • In the Super Mario Bros. 3 manual, Lemmy's character quote once mentioned that he heard that his father Bowser was developing a new weapon. Whether the weapon were the tanks, the airships, or the battleships was never specified.
  • Koopa Tanks

    Koopa Tanks as seen in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3.

    Several Koopa Tanks made an appearance in the episode "Princess Toadstool for President" of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and they were operated by Rocky Wenches as they attack both Mario and Luigi who were in the Dark Land.
  • In Super Mario 3D World, Tanks appeared (only differently segmented and equipped with new artillery such as spikes) in the 2 levels, "Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade" and "Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade".
  • In the Frosty Fruits level of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a tank that resembles the Koopa Tanks can be seen in a window near the beginning of the level.