Planet Korriban

Planet Korriban

Korriban is a planet in the Star Wars universe and birthplace of the Sith order.


Korriban is a harsh desert planet, possibly as a result of the dark power practiced there. The few living things that can survive on the planet are vicious and cunning. The plant life and water bodies are even rarer then the ones on Tattooine.


Originally home to a species called the sith, Korriban was invaded by both the Killiks and Rakata, but the sith drove both out. The Sith ruled a rich and powerful empire stretching across the planet and ruled themselves for thousands of years. That changed when dark jedi exiles colonized the planet and siezed power away from the sith. These fallen jedi bacame the first Sith Lords and established the Sith Order. The Golden Age of the Sith was durring the reign of Marka Ragnos, but after his death, his sucessor Naga Sadow waged war on the republic, but was defeated and the empire dissolved. Throughout the rest of Galactic History, every sith organization and empire established a presence on Korriban, be it the capital or a holy site for sith accolytes to train.


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