The Krazy Kremland, also known as the Kremland (shown on the park's neon sign), is an amusement park fit for the Kremlings including the mad King K. Rool (as the name states it), and one of many popular locations in the Donkey Kong universe. It first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and later reappeared in Donkey Kong Land 2. This theme park which is complete with roller coasters and a giant Ferris, odd gewgaws, colored carnival tents, and other fun rides, is found on the Crocodile Isle. And it may seems an incredibley fun place for everyone including Diddy and Dixie to enjoy and have a blast, danger lurks around every corner in this place.

The Zinger Hives

The Zinger Hives

This whole area is, unfortunately, extremely ran down to the point of disrepair. Along with being shut down, another negative feature about this B-class amusement park along with it's flashy neon sign and main entrance gate, is that it is built on a swamp filled with critters and bramble vines, is found behind has a large amount of Zinger Hives in it, with many Zingers located in this once fantastic locale.

After the children Diddy and Dixie defeated Kaptain K. Rool (King K. Rool's pirate disguise) and rescued their friend Donkey Kong, the rest of Krazy Kremland sinks into the ocean, along with the entire Crocodile Isle, never to seen nor heard from again.


Krazy Kremland



  • Krazy Kremland

    The Krazy Kremland

    There is a sign that reads "KI HERE" (an Easter Egg meaning Killer Instinct) in the tent where the Monkey Museum is found. Also 2 KI arcade cabinets outside the tent and about 4 KI arcade cabinets can be seen. Killer Instinct is a fighting videogame series developed by Rare.
  • There are giant Kruncha and Kannon statues displayed inside the Krazy Kremland theme park.
  • Krazy Kremland may very well be the birthplace of the Zinger species due to the large number of their hives. A zinger hive seen in the level "King Zing Sting" could possibly be the palace of King Zing and Queen B..

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