Krem Quay was a main port located to the right from Crocodile Isle salt marsh in the Donkey Kong universe where the Kremling navy and other visitors docked here.

After an galleons sink on coast, this quay was abandoned making expand the swamp and galleon junk polluted the whole swamp. How the island was infest for crocodiles, this location is main habitat location where they live common crocodiles called Krocheads too. The description of scenery theme include green dark forest, wharf with seaweed, ship pieces, garbage, cumbungis for climb, vines, wooden dam, water liles and barrels floating. Besides the swamp, this quay is infested for large bramble field growing in all island.

This quay was explored for Diddy & Dixie where cross the swamps, explore a shipwreck, seek the right ways in bramble maze and fight with Kudgel which the same was the guard this quay. When Kudgel was defeated, he fly out of the quay and Kongs enter in Krazy Kremland.





  • According to a Crocodile Isle sketch, the name for this place was Swamp City.

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