The La Iglesia

The La Iglesia ("The Church" in Spanish).

La Iglesia (In Spanish: "The Church") is the main "church" of the religious cult known as the Los Illuminados and it is situated on the outskirts of the remote Spanish village of El Pueblo, located nearby the lake and graveyard.

It was used as a temporary prison for Osmund Saddler's captive, Ashley Graham, the U.S. President's daughter. The Church grounds feature a small graveyard featuring standard tombstones, some bearing stone insignias on them. There is a dirt road leading to the Church from a secret cave system that connects to the Village Centre. The landscape is also dotted with dead trees and some crows sitting on top of the tombstones. There is a small shack along the road that contains a couple of boxes.

When the Church bell is rung, the Ganado Villagers cease whatever their doing and head to the Church, it is inside where they worship the Los Illuminados. The Church may have been a standard Spanish Christian Church before transformed into the Illuminados Church. It can be locked up and unlocked by using a large Round Insignia as the door's Key.

After rescuing Ashley from her prison, U.S. Government Agent Leon S. Kennedy encounters the cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, within the Church and learns of his plans. Two Zealots then attack the two, forcing them outside. If the player re-enters the Church, there will be no sign of Saddler but the two Zealots stay to fight the player with their Crossbows.

In the minigame "Seperate Ways", the local villagers will be in the church to defend it. One of the Bella Sisters is also nearby the Church as she is protecting the Green Catseye that Ada Wong must use in exchange for the Round Insignia.