The Lab Ray

The Lab Ray created by the Lab Ray Scientist.

The Lab Ray is an evil machine created by the Lab Ray Scientist and it is one of the most sought after objects in the Neopets universe.

What the Lab Ray can do

Here are the following effect that Lab Ray can do:

Lose Strength 5.1%
Lose Levels 5.5%
Lose Movement 4.9%
Lose Defence 4.9%
Back to Level 1 7.4%
Gain Levels 5%
Gain Movement 10.6%
Gain Defence 6.1%
Gain Hit Points 14.2%
Gain Strength 9.2%
Colour Change 9%
Species Change 5.4%
Gender Change 7.6%
No Change At All 5.1%


With its price rising every day, the device itself has becoming harder and harder for the average user to purchase.


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