The Lavender Town Syndrome, Lavender Town Conspiracy, or the Lavender Town Mass Suicides was an incident that supposedly happened to many Japanese children when they played the original Pokemon Red and Green games. The Lavender Town Syndrome spawned a series of Creepypasta stories and also gave many fans reasons to produce videos to disprove the mass suicides and the mythos as a whole.


The Syndrome supposedly only seemed to affect young children and teenagers. They allegedly got the Syndrome upon listening to the original Lavender Town theme from the Red and Green games. They were supposed to hear high-pitched sounds that no one else could hear. After the hearing of this theme, each child had shown the following symptoms: severe migraines, nosebleeds, unresponsiveness, violent streaks, insomnia, addiction to the video game. All these symptoms would ultimately culminate with the child committing suicide for unexplained reasons. In fact, the suicide rate was so high, that the Japanese government supposedly tried to cover the tragedy up. This incident was said to have happened on February 27, 1996, the year the games were released to the public. This disease mostly affected children from ages 7-12.

Evidence of the Syndrome as a Hoax

The Lavender Town Syndrome and the mythos it inspired have been proven to have been nothing more than Creepypasta, stories on the Internet meant to scare you. For example, there's no known frequencies that can go that high nor inspire anyone to kill themselves. These stories are just meant for horror values, not to be taken seriously.

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