The Left-Hand Path

The Left-Hand Path

The Left-Hand Path is a generic term for any branch of magic, religion or philosophy that stands in opposition to the usual spiritual beliefs of the modern world (especially in the Western world) - many of these sects are popularly known as "Black Magic" both in fiction and in reality, some followers of the Left-Hand Path accept this label and may even actively play on their "evil" status while others belief themselves to be part of a counter-movement rather than a "cult". It is the opposite of what is called the Right-Hand Path.

The Left-Hand Path focuses more on individual strength and sorcery rather than the belief in God or miracles - with many of the sects involved believing that true power comes from within, at worst this can manifest as extreme selfish supremacy or anarchy but can also simply be a desire or a belief that an individual should take command of their own destiny.

Voodoo and Satanism have enjoyed the most infamy out of the Left-Hand Path movements but many others exist, due to public perception, superstition and mass media, however, many of these movements are clumped together under the term "devil-worshippers".

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