The Legendarium

The Legendarium

The Legendarium is a magical spellbook owned by the sorceress Selina.


The Legendarium is a text that has the power to bring legendary creatures to life and can make legends come true. This tome was created by a dark wizard named Acheron in order to become the greatest sorcerer of the magical universe but he could not control it and was trapped inside the book. It was then found by a fairy named Eldora when she became the Keeper of the Library of Alexandria. Due to the book, the demeanor of Selina, Eldora's apprentice, changed and Acheron convinces her to follow the life of a witch. Acheron asks Selina to free him, and in exchange, he will give her very strong powers.

Known Legends

Gloomy Wood Trolls

They used to live in the forests of Magix, spreading terror and destruction. Until they were defeated by the Pixies and were chained under his village.


They are old men, who took the form of huge trees.

Flying Basilisks

Long ago, these terrible creatures with a petrifying gaze, used to live in the forests of Linphea.


Once upon a time, evil sprites were trapped in a complex system of caves. And every night, they try to escape.

Vortex Flames

Under the Domino Palace is the vortex of flames. His magic is so hot, but Bloom could not stand.

Fire Eaters.

In the vortex of flames, Fire Eaters Live.


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