The Lexor City

Lexor City

Lexor City was a new parcel designed by Lex Luthor to aid the disenfranchised. In truth, it was actually part of a greater ploy by Luthor and Cadmus to discredit Superman.


The city was planned to be self-sufficient for 30.000 lower income people. It had a large central square, and a hospital. It was all powered by a Kryptonite-fusion engine deep under the ground.

At the unveiling, Superman overheard Mercy Graves and Luthor talking about a device in place, making him believe there was a bomb under the city. Both Luthor and Captain Marvel tried to dissuade Superman from digging into the ground to the fusion engine, but Superman ignored them. Captain Marvel saw no other option than to use force against him, and it soon escalated into a full blown fight that wrecked the entire city. It was according to Luthor's plan, and even better: he had hoped Superman would destroy the Kryptonite-fusion engine, and the destruction of the city only damaged his image even more. The media attention caused a greater backlash against the Justice League than Luthor had hoped for. He celebrated the plan by drinking champagne with Amanda Waller who was too on it.


  • Lexor City is named after the planet Lexor, first appearing in Superman #164. On the planet, Luthor was considered a hero and Superman a villain.