Limb Enhancers are mechanical tools and artificial enhancers given to Era-2 Peridot gems to make up for their lack of powers and abilities and were worn by Peridot for most of her early appearances.

They were thought to be part of her body but were revealed to be enhancements in Catch and Release and are currently stuck at the bottom of the ocean near the Galaxy Warp (except the left foot).


Limb Enhancers are new tools given to Peridot and are current generation Homeworld technology given to Peridot to make up for her lack of natural powera and abilities. They were used for most of the early parts of Steven Universe but were revealed to be artificial tools after the Crystal Gems captured Peridot and she retreated into her gem. Afterwards, Amethyst took the ehancers and threw them over the edge of the Galaxy Warp with the exception of the left foot which was abandoned earlier.


Arm Attachments

The arm attachments have the ability to create tractor beams and can create an energy blaster with the fingers.

Finger Attachments

The fingers are the most prominent of the enhancers. They have the ability to operate machinery such as the controls over the Gem Warship and have the ability to form helicopter blades for airiel escpape. The fingers can also shoot out bolts of electricity and can form a floating touchscreent that Peridot frequently used. It's still currently unknown on how the fingers are able to float however.

Leg Attachments

Leg attachments are usually seen being used to enhance the height of its users. No other abilities have been mentioned or seen.

Feet Attachments

In an emergency, the feet can be separated from the leg by pressing either foot's side as seen in Friend Ship. The feet can also help Peridot and other users scale up walls as well.