The Lost Episodes (Creepypasta)

The Lost Episodes

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"Lost Episodes" is a common plot device in several Creepypasta. Essentially, a "lost episode" refers to an episode of a television show that was never seen by the public for various reasons. These episodes would often be shown to the narrators of the Creepypasta whether through CD-Roms or by having someone mail the episode to them. Typically, these "lost episodes" greatly employ Hyper-Realism whether through means such as hyper-realistic blood, hyper-realistic eyes, or even hyper-realistic animation.

As you could probably guess, Lost episode Creepypastas are typically not welcome among several communities because of the fact that most of them rely heavily on horror cliches and may as well come off as a parody of a Creepypasta rather than a genuine one. As a result, many Creepypastas based around supposedly lost episodes of a series has been deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki for a time, at least until new guidelines were established for making a Lost Episode Creepypasta.


  • Suicidemouseavi


    Suicidemouse.avi: It was been created by Walt Disney in the 30s when the video is gone before that someone has been committed suicide, later in a few years it was uploaded on YouTube.
  • Squidward's Suicide: An lost episode of the animated series Spongebob Squarepants where the character Squidward is going to the concert but it become strange that it shows an image of the dead child, when the unknown person told him to "Do It" that Squidward is commit suicide with the shotgun.