The Lost Pyramid of Katchu Picchu

The Lost of Pyramid of Katchu Picchu.

The Lost Pyramid of Katchu Picchu (sometimes spelled "Lost Pyramid of Katchu Pichu") is an ancient and cursed pyramidal tomb that rests the ancient Mayan king Katchu Picchu and an army of giant mummified warriors. It is located in the ruins of an ancient city-like kingdom called "Megakat Realm" within a desert region outside the area of modern-day Megakat City.

Lost Pyramid of Katchu Picchu

Resurrected from its burial by the Pastmaster, this deadly pyramid contains within it an army of giant commando mummies who owe their allegiance to whomever wears the Jeweled Headdress of Katchu Picchu.

The pyramid was later destroyed after the Swat Kats defeated the Pastmaster and Katchu Picchu.

Katchu Pichu Excavation Site

The Megakat Realm

An excavation site found at the ancient ruins of the Megakat Realm.

Led by Dr. Abby Sinian and her team of archeaologists, this funded dig was soon the location of much trouble and distress when the Pastmaster raised the Lost Pyramid of Katchu Picchu.

This excavation site was soon destroyed along with the pyramid while Swat Kats rescued first Dr. Sinian and her team, and later Callie Briggs and got them to safety.


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