The Lynch Mobs

Lynch Mobs

Lynch Mobs are the classical "angry mob" of popular culture, although based on very real phenomena fiction tends to empathize them as having pitch-forks, torches and other such weapons associated with medieval witch-hunts.

Lynch Mobs tend to hunt down a victim in order to exact vigilante "justice", which is often fatal (though sometimes it is humiliating) - Lynch Mobs themselves are not fully evil but the result of fear, anger and ignorance but some villains deliberately use Lynch Mobs to try and gain a quick group of loyal followers (or simply to cause chaos).

Fictional Lynch Mobs

  • Villagers (Beauty and the Beast)
  • D.O.C. (American History X)
  • KKK (fiction)

Villains Who Utilize "Mob Rule"

The following are individuals who have led Lynch Mobs or incited others into forming them, often these villains are Mongers or Xenophobes but some False Heroes commit this crime - thinking they are doing the right thing (or simply wishing to get rid of rivals).

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