The Man-Eaters


Look at that flesh, pink and plump.
~ The Big Bad Wolf, plotting to devour Little Red Riding Hood.

A specific variant of the Hungry Villain trope, is the Man-Eater - a non-human villain (usually a monster or an animal) that is known to feed on human flesh: not to confused with the Cannibal and not appliable to creatures that prey on other creatures of their own kinds. This also includes villains that only eat certain parts of the human body, such as organs or the blood.

Big cats, dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, and so many other animals fit this category, and when it comes to monsters, even humanoid ones can do that, like the Witch in Hansel and Gretel and giants in folklore.


  • Abyssal Fleet: These aliens that known to feed on Fleet Girls and other victims.


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