The Mask Stealer Staff

The Mask Stealer Staff

The Mask Stealer Staff is a signature weapon, which was wielded by Kulta, the leader of the Skull Army. 


Described as the most deadly weapon on Okoto, the Mask Stealer Staff allowed Kulta to use for melee combat as well as snatching the Masks of Power from his enemies and victims and drain the powers from within.

The modified version of the Mask Stealer Staff was also wielded by Makuta Teridax when the latter possessed Kulta and donned the Mask of Creation. After Teridax's defeat, the weapon reverted back to its original self with Kulta returning back to normal.

Example Usage

  • Kulta uses his Mask Stealer Staff to fight with Tahu during the battle in the Graveyard of the Mask Makers.
  • Teridax uses Kulta's Mask Stealer Staff to dispatch the Toa Masters with a single blow when they tried to attack him after the former possessed Kulta to further his plan.
  • After he donned the Mask of Creation and transformed into his armored form, the Mask Stealer Staff also turned into the modified form. During the final battle, Teridax also used it to grab Lewa and then Pohatu and toss him towards the other Toa.



  • The Mask Stealer Staff is included in "70795 Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder", which is released in August 2015. It also consists of eighteen pieces. The Mask Stealer Staff can be used to hook onto other figures' masks and remove them.

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