The Mask of Control

The Mask of Control

The Mask of Control is the mask, which was once wore by Makuta the Mask Hoarder during his time as the Mask Hoarder. However due to his jealousy towards his brother Ekimu and his prized creations, he immediately defied the sacred law of making the mask by creating the Mask of Ultimate Power,which contain more than one elemental powers.

He later lost it following the battle with Ekimu as the latter successfully remove the Mask of Ultimate Power from his brother's face, resulting the two brothers fall into comatose. The Mask of Control was since then recovered by the Elemental Creatures as they secured it in the Labyrinth of Control for safe-keeping and to prevent it from any intruders.  


Prior of becoming evil, Makuta the Mask Hoarder once wore the Mask of Control when he worked as the Mask Hoarder alongside his brother Ekimu.


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