This a page devoted to an A to Z of known articles that need to be added to The Evil Wiki, consider it the ultimate resource for anyone wishing to add pages to the wiki and an easy means for admins and contributors alike to track progress.

(NOTE: once an article has been added to the wiki it shall be removed from this list, keep this list for items and events we do not currently have.)

Master List



  • Black Materia*


  • Carbonite (a material from Star Wars, infamous for freezing prisoners)
  • Cerebral Toxin*
  • Crucifixation (the divine sacrifice of Jesus, a necessary evil in Biblical lore to cleanse the world of sin)
  • Crystal Gem Apple*
  • Curse of Stone (a curse found in Gargoyles universe)


  • Dalekium (a material from Doctor Who, primarily used in Dalek technology)
  • Deep Web (the unmonitored section of internet, believed by many to harbor extremely disturbing and criminal activities)
  • Der Fuehrer's Face (infamous World War II song about the Nazi Party, mocking the totalitarian state and its many flaws)
  • Doomsday Machine (Nicktoons Unite!)


  • Element X*
  • EMP Gems* (Barbie: Spy Squad)
  • Eve of War (a famous song from War of the Worlds that depicts the Martians arrival on Earth)
  • Extremis Virus (a deadly chemical virus and a weapon from Iron Man)
  • Energy Steroid*


  • False Rapture (belief by some conspiracy theorists of a False Rapture by Demonic Aliens or the government, designed to trap the unwary and deny them Paradise or alternatively to fool the masses into believing a Second Coming has occured so as to enforce a New World Order)
  • Final Judgement (alsk known as the Last Judgement, the grand Judgement of all Creation by God, a necessary evil in Biblical lore in order to erase evil from the universe and start a new Kingdom of Heaven)


  • Gate of Kahmunrah (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian)
  • Galbadia (a country from Final Fantasy VIII, once ruled by President Vinzer Deling who was being secretly used as a pawn and later killed by the manipulative Sorceress Ultimecia as she quickly usurped the dictatorial rule over the modern nation)
  • Genosha (dictatorship-styled island from Marvel comics, formerly used to enslave and kill mutants)
  • Genosha Massacre (the massacre of a free Genosha by Cassandra Nova and her Wild Sentinels)
  • Genosha Death Camp (another massacre of a free Genosha undertaken by the Red Skull)
  • Geostigma*
  • Golden Statue*





  • ?


  • Land of Nod (the magic dreamworld which is the Sandman's domain and a fictional location in the Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark?)
  • Lao Mang Lone Soup*
  • Latveria (Doctor Doom's own home country / dictatorship)


  • Metal Gears (titular series of bipedal tanks/mechas that mostly armed with nuclear weaponries and keyplot elements of Metal Gear series)
  • Mind Control Serum*
  • Mutaphobia (fictional hate-crime involving the fear and discrimination of superhuman mutants, primarily seen in Marvel comics but also present in other works (under different names) : often symbolic of current society ills (racism, sexism, homophobia etc) )
  • Morlock Massacre (the massacre of a large group of Morlocks by Mr. Sinister and the Mauraders)





  • ?


  • Red Room (an internet legend concerning the Deep Web, is supposedly a snuff site where people pay to watch murder)
  • Red Engine (an insidious machine found in Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of many fantastical Sith weapons littered across the landscape)
  • Roger's Golden Turd (American Dad!)
  • Room 1408 (Titular room featured in Stephen King's 1408 short story and film adaptation that possessed by an unknown insidious force that resulted in anyone who enters the room will be trapped within its nightmarish illusions and died 1 hour after entering the room)


  • Sanctuary II (advanced space-ship used by Nebula, originally it was in the possession of Thanos)
  • Sith Academy (training ground of the Sith in Star Wars : The Old Republic)
  • Spirit of Man (famous song from War of the World about the struggle between humanity and the Martians, as seen through the eyes of a mad pastor and his wife)
  • Siege Perilous (a famous Arthurian legend centering around an empty chair reserved for whoever finds the Holy Grail, any who try and sit on it are said to die)
  • Shrunken Hero (Villainous event where during the conflict against the villains, hero suffers disadvantages due to shrunked to smaller size either through magical or technological means)
  • Seven Deadly Sins (Charmed)*
  • Shinokuni*


  • Tartarus (a hellish realm in Greek mythology, prison of the Titans and evil souls - similar to the later idea of Hell)
  • Toybots (Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots)


  • ?


  • ?


  • Warpstone (material found in Warhammer, used extensively by Skaven)
  • World War Hate (a crisis event in Marvel in which Red Skull almost destroyed reality)
  • World War Hulk (a crisis event in Marvel in which an enraged Hulk nearly conquered Earth)



  • ?


  • ?

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