The Master Ring

The Master Ring

These rings are just traps for selfish men.
~ Mei-Ling who would later be possessed by the powers of the Master Ring.

The Master Ring is a magical ring that is the most important of a collection that Riki needs to recover if he wants his homeworld to be restored, and it also serves as the final boss for his story in the videogame SaGa Frontier.

It is revealed that the rings are actually evil objects created by an ancient race of monsters that feed upon the lust of people. The rings seek each other out and bring absolutely no good. The Master Ring, the one that can actually conquer all Regions, possessed Mei-Ling to absorb her power and control her.

Riki discovers their true nature after wishing for his homeland Margmel to be restored, but the rings do so by vanishing everyone who wasn't there when Margmel was born. Riki fights the Master Ring and defeats it, so Mei-Ling breaks free from the control and Riki's wish is undone. Riki then decides to scatter the rings all over again while his tribe decides to move from Margmel.