Well, it is I who will laugh last, for I have created the Meat Gun! A gun so powerful, it can turn anything and everything into meat! And with it, I will eat Townsville!
~ Fuzzy Lumpkins about the Meat Gun.

The Meat Gun is a ray gun invented by Fuzzy Lumpkins as his weapon and an onbject featured in the 1st pilot episode "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins of The Powerpuff Girls.

It is a mix of a Blunderbuss shotgun (same model of Fuzzy's Boomstick) with a cork pipe, and a wooden water barrel.

After recently suffering his loss from the annual jam contest at the Townsville Mall, Fuzzy Lumpkins, while holding a grudge against the Powerpuff Girls who were the jam contest's judges when no one voted for his meat jam, designs and now uses the Meat Gun to turn everything and everyone in Townsville into meat and simply devour all in sight.

When Fuzzy set his sights on the Townsville Mall before attacking it, the Powerpuff Girls arrived in time and began to fight him.