The Microwave Emitter

The Microwave Emitter

The Microwave Emitter was an experimental weapon designed by Wayne Enterprises to vaporize large bodies of water via focused microwaves, however the device was stolen by Talia al Ghul and the League of Shadows who planned on using the weapon to vaporize Gotham city's water supply, which had already been infected with Scarecrow's fear gas : effectively creating a massive airborne assault sufficient to cause the entirety of Gotham city to be exposed to the Fear Gas.


  • The Microwave Emitter is very similar to the Cloudburst, a more darker version of such weapon the Scarecrow uses in Batman: Arkham Knight. All of Gotham is covered in the toxin for several hours before Batman destroys it.
  • There exists a unique energy weapon of the same name in Fallout 3.

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