The Millennium Ring is a golden ring-like talisman with 5 hanging gold spikes attached to it that is one of the 7 forbidden Millennium Items in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. It is owned and wielded by the evil thief Yami Bakura Ryou .


It was created by from an ancient spell in the Millennium Spellbook along with the other Millennium Items. In ancient times, it belonged to the Mahad until it was stolen by Bandit King Bakura. The bandit king sacrificed his body and his soul got sealed inside the Ring. However a piece of Zorc Necrophades' soul was sealed in the Millennium Ring during its creation, this resulted in the creation of Yami Bakura.

Years later it was found by Bakura Ryou's father and he gave the artifact to his son.

Powers and Abilities

  • Possession: Yami Bakura's spirit can possess Bakura through the Millennium Ring.
  • Sensory Tracking: It can guide Bakura to whatever he seeks, including the other Millennium Items.
  • Soul Transferal: It has the ability to seal one's soul into itself and other objects.
  • Shadow Game magic: It has the power to harness the magic of the Shadow Games.
  • Illusions: It can cast illusions.
  • Summoning: Bakura can summon things from the Shadow Realm.
  • Soul Separation: It can split the owner's soul in two.