The Millennium Rod is a golden sceptre-like relic that is one of the 7 forbidden Millennium Items. It is owned and wielded by the evil duelist Yami Marik.


It was created by from an ancient spell in the Millennium Spellbook along with the other Millennium Items. In ancient times, it belonged to the High Priest Seto. The rod was watched over by one of the Tomb Keepers along with the Millennium Necklace until Yami Marik's revival. He took the Millennium Rod and sent his father to the Shadow Realm. After that, He attempted to do the same to Odion, but he was able to seal Yami Marik away in Marik's body.

Powers and Abilities

  • Brainwashing: The holder can control people's minds turning them into mind slaves.
  • Mind Manipulation: It allows the owner to look into their victims memories and knock people unconscious.
  • Telekinesis: It can allow the owner to telepathically communicate with others.


The user cannot control someone who holds a Millennium Item or someone who has a powerful connection to the ancient games. Also, if the victim possesses a strong force of will, the spell can be broken.