The Mineral Powder

The Mineral Powder

The Mineral Powder is a addictive mutagenic drug and the main antagonistic plot element in the 2007 videogame Eternal Sonata. It was developed by the Forte officials that would cure any illness. However, it would cause people to go mad and become savage magic-using monsters.

In the past, Chord voluntered to be the very first test subject in order to save his mother from a fatal illness. However, while he went beserk, his mother quickly passed away. He ended up being locked inside Fort Fermada and Rondo (supposedly) took away his mother's pendant.

Throughout the game, many people bought Mineral Powder rather than Floral Powder, because it was the only medicene that was cheap and not taxed. The reason for this was because Count Waltz planned for everyone to use it in order to have an unlimited army of supersoldiers. To make it more powerful, Count Waltz planned for Fugue to hunt down glowing agogos. He had men working effortlessly at Mt. Rock in order to make more mineral powder, which the labor was bad for the enviroment. Later, it was shown that with a glowing agogo, it made Legato into a gigantic monster that could rip a hole through space. At the end of the game, its unknown what really became of it, since everything was a part of Frederic Francois Chopin's dream.


  • In the original Xbox 360 version, Waltz states that mixing agogos into the powder will double its effectiveness and then states that if they can obtain ones that glow, "the potency will increase tenfold.". In the PlayStation 3 version, he again states it will double the effectiveness, but then continues that it only works with the ones that glow. He then states the estimates state that the potency will increase tenfold, creating an apparent inconsistency.
  • The pharmacy in Ritardando sells a number of Mineral Powder-based drinks, such as Mineral Powder Muscle Drink and Mineral Powder Super Slim. Allegretto or Beat makes amusing comments when examining these drinks. Additionally, the tavern in Forte City serves a type of beer called "Mineral beer" that is apparently beer made with mineral powder.

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