The Mirror World

The 'Mirror World'

The "Mirror World" (in Japanese: ミラーワールド, Mirāwārudo) is a demonic alternate reality that is a fully reversed version of the human world. Its directions and structures are symmetrical to those within the real world and its swirling dark sky shows beams of light returning into a crimson sun.

This realm can be accessed via a mirror within the demon-infested castle on Mallet Island.

Dante encounters the Mirror World twice: first, when his 'reflection' walks out of the mirror and into the human world, revealing itself to be Nelo Angelo (originally known as Vergil), and second, when Dante himself crosses through the mirror to recover the Philosopher's Stone, an artifact that was later used to open the gateway to the Demon World and allow Dante in his mission to confront and defeat Mundus.



  • The Mirror World itself is the Devil May Cry's equivalent of the Mirror Universe.

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