Graveyard UGL 1

The Monster Graveyard is a location in the Ultra series. It is a burial, volcanic place which served as the graves for all the monsters and aliens who were killed by the Ultramen over the centuries.


Not many details have been mentioned, but what is known that the Monster Graveyard is a distortion of spacetime that is located somewhere in the universe. The Monster Graveyard acts as an afterlife for the Monsters, Aliens, and Sentient Beings (both good and bad) whom have been defeated by the Ultramen or other monsters throughout the centuries. When any opponent is destroyed, their soul is lifted and sent to the Graveyard, where their bodies would be reconstructed. The creature, however, is forced to reside in the Graveyard for the rest of eternity, until, it is revived by an outside source. It has also been shown that native monsters at rest desire to stay in this place, such as when Seabozu was taken out but immediatly wanted to go back. It can be shown that the Monster Graveyard acts as a Heaven to monsters. It was also stated that the graveyard was the only place where a monster can find true peace.

The Graveyard also appears to be inter-universal, as monsters from Tiga's and Gaia's Universe and other universes have been confirmed to reside in the Graveyard. 


  • Grave Gate
  • Floating Continent
  • Valley of Flames


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