So, first ya gotta turn the Little Sunspot...mortal.
~ Hades presenting the Mortal Potion to Pain and Panic as the means to get rid of Hercules.

The Mortal Potion is a magic potion that can turn any immortal and/or half-immortal being into a mere mortal and an item in the animated Disney movie Hercules. It is used by Pain and Panic in their failed attempt to make Hercules mortal as part of their master Hades' plan to rule the universe unopposed.

The Mortal Potion was created by Hades to mortalize Hercules. Than Pain and Panic would kill him. Pain and Panic kidnap Hercules from his parents in Olympus and start to feed the baby the potion. Hercules had almost drunk the entire potion but luckily did not drink the last drop, as Pain and Panic were interrupted by Amphitryon and his wife Alcmene and the bottle broke on the stone ground and the last drop fell to the ground.


The Mortal Potion is a glowing pink fluid kept in a small glass bottle with a lid designed and shaped like a skull. When baby Hercules was drinking it, it made his glowing immortality disappear. It is unknown if the taste was good or bad as Hercules was force-fed it and did not give an impression on its taste.



  • The Mortal Potion is the second thing that was used to harm Hercules, the first being a spiked skull-shaped pacifier. However, the potion harmed Hercules by stripping away his immortality, while the skull pacifier almost harmed Hercules by almost poking his mouth.
  • Had Hercules drunk all of the potion, he would have been truly mortal and weak as a human.
  • It is the only potion in the movie.
  • Pain and Panic were force-feeding Hercules the potion. It is unknown if the force-feeding was hurting Hercules.
  • It was nicknamed "Magic Potion".