Nasira's Lair

Nasira's Lair

Nasira's Lair is an underground volcanic cave home to the witch Nasira, Jafar's evil twin sister, and it serves as the final level of Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge.

This gigantic cavern is riddled with lava falls, crystals, tunnels, canyons, and traps. Nasira's human henchmen along with humanoid serpentine creatures and molten lava monsters guard these caverns and attack any who dared to try to oppose Nasira. At the end of the lair through a hole in an archway that is shaped like a serpentine monster, lies a rocky platform surrounded by magma and giant snake statues where Nasira harnessed her evil magic as well as conducts schemes.

Aladdin entered this lair through a magic portal created by the witch Nasira after she obtained the 4 Serpent Idols from the hero in Ancient City, and fought his way to battle and defeat both Nasira and Jafar for good.


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