The Neo Bowser City

Neo Bowser City

Neo Bowser City (also known as Koopa City in the NoE version) is a neon-lit metropolis ruled by the evil king Bowser and the third course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart 7. This city-themed course owned by Bowser and his Koopa Troop army. Neon signs are everywhere and Bowser's signature emblem can be seen in various places.

Neo Bowser City is the second course in the Mario Kart series that is placed in the rain, the first being Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. This is also the first course related to Bowser that is not a castle. Its theme is a remixed version of Toad Circuit/Mario Circuit and the title theme of Mario Kart 7. It also contains remixed parts from the previous installments such as of Mario Kart 64's Toad's Turnpike and Luigi Raceway, and Mario Kart Wii's Luigi Circuit / Mario Circuit.


This course takes place in a brightly lit city in the rain. A large percentage of the course is winding roads with moving neon arrow railings. There is a small upward spiral section in the middle of the track that goes up a tower. There is a tunnel close to the end of the course, that leads to a road that is covered with puddles. At the end, there is a ramp that uses the glider. A billboard is seen near it with a picture of either Bowser (said picture is his artwork from New Super Mario Bros. Wii), the player's view, or an animated "Overtake" ad from Toad Circuit. If players veer left (right in mirror mode) from the starting line, fly over a Koopa Clown Car, use the fan to lift themselves to cut the first S-bend; however, they must steer back quickly to avoid hitting the wall in higher engine classes.

Course layout

The course starts with an S-bend; however, players must steer back in quickly to avoid hitting the wall. Just before the player enters the air vent area, it is possible to be pushed through the guardrails by a heavier opponent. After that, the race continues under a tower with air ducts. Then there are two soft turns and a red tunnel. After many turns, the player exits and reaches the winding part of the road, which consists of 3 turns. Then, there is a shorter tunnel that leads to a road all to the left, that is covered with puddles. At the end, there is a ramp that uses the glider and then the lap finishes.


  • After the S-bend, players can cut through the mud with a Mushroom. They must steer back in quickly to avoid hitting the wall.
  • Near the finish line, if players use a Mushroom or the air current, they can glide into a secret zone on the S-bend under the red tunnel.