No Heart's Castle, also known as the No Heart Castle and the Castle of No Heart, is dark palace that is on a storm cloud and a location featured in animated series Care Bears. It is the lair of the evil wizard No Heart.


No Heart's Castle is located in the area of the Gloomy Gulch Trail. It's on a storm cloud that always has lightning flashing around it.

It is made up of branching eerie-looking towers with dark tall pointy spires. It's color is usually purple, but also be in other colors. It is guarded by some shadows. There's long stair pathway leading up to the main building.

The castle can be quite hazardous as it appears to be in ruins. It has jagged, broken walls, and holes in the floors in No Heart's throne room and the others. The stairs do not have guard rails, and some the staircases spiral around the outside of the tall towers.