The Factory of Uncaring, also known as No Heart's Factory of Uncaring, was an mountain-based industrial zone built by No Heart around the mountain and a location in the episode "The Factory of Uncaring" of the 1980s animated series The Care Bears Family (also known as The Care Bares).

The factory is purple, 3 chimneys, a water tower, 3 fans in roof and an entrance gate that seemingly styled like a scary face.

It was constructed with intention of create purple cloud from chimeneies to remove all caring in world. But first, Beastly is ordered by No Heart to destroy Caring Meter, because the Caring Meter would discover this factory when be active. With spike in Caring Meter's pointer, factory machines is fuelled by No Heart's power to finally produce cloud of uncaring and cause evilness on earth.

But did not for long time when Caring Meter is causing the alarm and Champ Bear invade this factory until fall into the trap by Beastly. When Cheer Bear, Bright Heart Raccoon and Treat Heart Pig invade too, the factory was destroyed after which Beastly active the self destruction switch as attemp of destroy Care Bears.

Everbody escaping the factory and with destruction of same, the cloud of uncaring disappear and earth have goodness back.

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