"North Pole, North Pole" is a villain song sung by the evil Jack Frost (portrayed by Martin Short) at the North Pole Resort in the 2006 Disney holiday film sequel The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.


Start spreading the news
By chilling my sleigh
You wanna be apart of it
North Pole, North Pole.

You snooze and you lose
So come here to play
Here at the very heart of it
North Pole, North Pole

Come see the snowman of which no man has never dreamed
And find I'm king of the chills
Turn up the heat.

It is summer time blues
Are melting away
All though it fifty-five of those
Head for the North

If you can't
Make it here the world's old
Christmas cheer

Hoilday gold
North Pole!
North Pole!


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