The Nosferatu Tome

The Nosferatu tome.

Nosferatu (リザイア Rizaia, called Resire in the Japanese versions, and Rizziah in fan translation) is the only spell in the Fire Emblem series that switches between light and dark, but also in reality, it is named after the magical tome that the name of the spell itself was derived from.

In Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, the Spell appears as a dark magic tome. It is a weapon that has no critical hit chance and low hit rate but heals the user equal to the amount of damage done to the target.

It is not available in stores, it can only be attained by killing an enemy who can drop it or recruiting a dark magic unit who's already holding it.



  • A term for a vampire, used here in reference to the HP-draining effect. The word "nosferatu" is ostensibly of Romanian origin, but its true origin is contested; it was popularized by author Bram Stoker in his classic novel Dracula.
  • "Resire" is most likely a reference to "resile", a word which means to "draw back" and "recoil".
  • Nosferatu has been classified as more different weapon types than any other weapon in the Fire Emblem series.
  • In Gaiden, Nosferatu is the only non-Falchion weapon which can harm Duma once he reaches 52 or less HP. This is assumed to be the result of a programming oversight: Duma is coded to force all non-Falchion attacks to have zero accuracy no matter what once he reaches this HP threshold, however this somehow fails to take into account Nosferatu's hard-coded absolute 50% hit rate, and so Nosferatu retains its 50% hit rate when fighting Duma.
    • Nosferatu's Gaiden form, based on its effect and learnbase, is often mistaken by some parts of the fandom as being white magic.
  • When this spell is cast on a wall or upon any other non-living obstacle, the wielder will still be able to leech HP from it. This can prove to be rather useful as such objects tend to lack resistance, thus returning the maximum amount of HP to the caster in question.
  • Nosferatu is the only Dark Tome in Fire Emblem Fates.

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