The Octan Tower

The Octan Tower, also known as Lord Business' Office and President Business' Office.

The Octan Tower, also known as "Lord Business' Office" and "President Business' Office" is the tallest building in the Lego universe where President/Lord Business is the head of the Octan Corporation itself.

In the Lego universe, the Master Builders were once free to roam and visit any worlds to build anything long ago but President/Lord Business grew confused and angry about all the "chaos". So he decided to hire Bad Cop/Good Cop and many others to catch all the Master Builders and imprison them in his own prison room, the "Think Tank" within this tall skyscraper. And he stole the secret weapon that can make sure nobody can mess with his stuff called, "The Kragle".

In his entire office building, he keeps an unlimited army of robots of Super Secret Police and Micro Managers.

And in his penthouse office at the top of the Octan Tower, he has stolen all strange relics that he keeps as his personal collection of "trophies".

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