The Old Castle

The Old Castle

The Old Castle is a castle that is one of the bases used by both Ranamon and Mercurymon and it is located in the Continent of Darkness within the Digital World.

After Duskmon scatters the DigiDestined after their defeat within the Forest of the Continent of Darkness, J.P., Zoe, and Tommy are captured by the dark Legendary Warriors and chained to walls while Datamon, protected by a barrier, work at releasing the Spirits from their D-Tectors.

Ranamon tortures the DigiDestined at first playfully and then seriously, and Koji, who escaped but is still injured from the previous battle, can no longer take the screams. Koji attacks as Lobomon, and his battle against the pair does damage to the castle, but he is unable to win with such a disadvantage.

Agunimon shows up because of Sepikmon's help, and with his new self-knowledge, he leads the DigiDestined to a decisive victory against Mercurymon and Calmaramon.


  • It shares the same name with another castle from Densetsu no Starfy 3.

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