The Onryo-Heri Helicopter

The Onryo-Heri helicopter.

Onryo-Heri (in Japanese: オンライオヘリ, Onraioheri) is another possessed helicopter and a boss from the 2002 remake videogame Shinobi.

This chopper is one of the military helicopters that was dispatched by the Japanese government to carry soldiers that investigating and eliminating the threat that has already begun in present-day Tokyo. Like the other chopper that was recently attacked, it has been infected by the power of the Gojufu talismans Hiruko to take control of the helicopters during the Hellspawn attacks on Tokyo. It has become mutated and filled with an organic, demonic armor. It has enchanced firepower and it's tail rotor is set aflame due to the magic of the Gojufus.

Hotsuma fought one of those possessed choppers twice on the streets of Tokyo while avenging the massacre of his Oboro clansmen and seeking to destroy Hiruko. It was about to attack Ageha and her clan's elder Kuboshi back at the Kumano Shrine when he arrived and rescued them in time. This chopper was destroyed and Hotsuma won the fight.


  • The helicopter Onryo-Heri shares a similar appearance with the Infested Chopper from Devil May Cry 2.

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