Frollo's Out There01:43

Frollo's Out There

"Out There" is a song sung by Quasimodo and Judge Claude Frollo. Although the song turns into a bright hero song, the intro itself is dark with Frollo telling Quasimodo to stay in the bell tower where he will not be reviled as a monster. The phrase "stay in here" brings the rest of the song into contrast. This is similar to Mother Knows Best, where the villain tells the hero that was captured at the beginning of the film to stay away from the outside world.


Frollo: The world is cruel,
The world is wicked.
It's I alone whom you can trust in this whole city.
I am your only friend.

I who keep you, teach you, feed you, dress you.
I who look upon you without fear.
How can I protect you, boy, unless you
Always stay in here,
Away in here?

Remember what I've taught you, Quasimodo.

You are deformed,
Quasimodo: I am deformed...
Frollo: And you are ugly
Quasimodo: And I am ugly...
Frollo: And these are crimes
For which the world
Shows little pity.

You do not comprehend...
Quasimodo: You are my one defender...
Frollo: Out there, they'll revile you
As a monster.
Quasimodo: I am a monster...
Frollo: Out there, they will hate
And scorn and jeer.
Quasimodo: Only a monster....
Frollo: Why invite their calumny
And consternation?
Stay in here,
Be faithful to me.
Quasimodo: I'm faithful.
Frollo: Grateful to me...
Quasimodo: I'm grateful...

Frollo: Do as I say...
Both: And/I'll stay
In here.

Quasimodo: You are good to me, master. I'm sorry.
Frollo: You are forgiven. But remember, Quasimodo, this is your sanctuary. [leaves]
Quasimodo: My sanctuary.

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