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As if we do not have enough villany in Outworld, the Black Dragon member Kano now call this realm home.
~ A female Outworlder about Outworld and its unfortunate history of ongoing villainy in the Mortal Kombat Deception.
Evil rulers come and go, but the spirit of the people will never be extinguished.
~ One of the Lei Chen Guards about the Realm of Outworld in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

Outworld was a realm that served as the main world from Mortal Kombat tournament. For part from evil rulers, the realm acquired as the most worst place with large number of killing and executions who could be found there.

The realm landscapes consists spike mountains, deadly forests, cities and jungles. The architecture of villages, towns and cities is alike with asian civilization.

Millions of years before, Outworld was first ruled by Onaga being an independent realm. But when is stole by Onaga's advisor Shao Kahn, becoming corrupter realm, fused with the other realms when Khan warriors win the Mortal Kombat and good natives were forced to leave their homeland.

After the fight of Earthrealm, the demise of Shao Kahn caused the rebellions of Outworld to wage a bloody conflict by power-driven indivuals, and criminals factions remnants taking refuge in this realm.

In Current Timeline when Shao Kahn is dead, Outworld is ruled by a native member of the Osh-Tekk warrior tribe named Kotal Kahn when his homeworld was merged with that realm.

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