Pandora's Box (DC)

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a golden skull with 3 ruby eyes that possesses vast, deadly and corruptive powers. It serves as a central plot device in DC comics' New 52 storyline, "Trinity War" and ultimately a villainous tool utilized in the story's climax by The Outsider to open a portal to Earth-3 and allow the Crime Syndicate to enter mainstream DC universe.

Even before the dramatic revelation of the box's true power it had severely negative effects on the heroes of Earth Prime, causing many of them to seemingly go insane and corrupt - though their corruption was also "aided" by the manipulations of The Outsider.

For a long time, Pandora's Box was believed to be a mystical relic with deadly magic but The Outsider revealed that it was actually alien technology - despite this it's most notable corruption seemed to have been against Shazam, who is a mystic-based hero.


  • The artifact is based on the mythical cursed treasure of the same name.
  • Pandora's Box (Batman The Brave and the Bold)

    Pandora's Box as seen in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

    Pandora's Box made an appearance in the episode "Evil Under the Sea!" of Batman: The Brave and the Bold as an ancient clay hope chest containing all the evils of the world's ills, toils, and sickness-followed by hope. The sorcerer Felix Faust sought to reopen Pandora's Box and harness the power of evil still residing in it. With an ancient book of spells, he accomplished in locating and opening the box. All that could seen was a creature (or creatures) with multiple yellow eyes and dark green tentacles. However, Batman and the Atom intervened and tricked him into destroying the book. With the book in flames, Faust was unable to keep the Box open and it resealed before he was being punched in the face and knocked out by the combined teamwork of Batman and the Atom.
    • The dark-green Lovecraftian tentacles with eyeballs emerging of Pandora's Box in Batman: The Brave and the Bold are vaguely similar to those of Icthultu, one of the Old Ones from Justice League.

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