Emperor Pilaf's Airship

Emperor Pilaf's Airship

Pilaf's Airship is an airship built and used by both Emperor Pilaf and his sidekicks in their acquisition of the magic Dragon Balls. It was later used also by King Piccolo who commanded his 3 new minions to aid him in his evil plans.

It was used to transport King Piccolo and Piano after Pilaf released the Demon King from Master Mutaito's Electric Rice Cooker. After King Piccolo wished for eternal youth he betrayed Pilaf and ejected him from the airship.

The ship is equipped with a Global Dragon Radar made by Pilaf and a Namekian throne created by King Piccolo's Magic Materialization technique. The old King Piccolo is often seen sitting stationary on this throne inside the airship in the King Piccolo Saga, giving orders to Pilaf.